The following ed apps were created from concept to final store submission. Press each image to view more.

Carnival Grammar App
Trace Letters App
Count to 20 App
Blast Off App
Nouns App
Alphabet App
Cosmic Bowling App
Halloween Math App
Order of Operations App

Development Skills

• Mobile and Desktop
• Swift 2,3, Objective-C, Cocoa
• ActionScript 3.0
• HTML5, CSS, Javascript/JQuery
• XCode, Visual Studio, TestFlight

Art and Animation Skills

• UX/UI Design Skills
• Front-End Development
• Mobile UI designer
• Animate (Flash), Illustrator, Photoshop
• 3D applications; like Maya

Additional Skills

• Cross Platform Development
• GIT Hub
• Quality testing/quality assurance
• Storyboard creation
• Team building/outsourcing